Welcome to Art 1010

Professor: Maura McCreight

  • Semester: Spring 2020
  • Instructor: Professor McCreight
  • E-mail: maura.mccreight@brooklyn.cuny.edu
  • Office Location: Boylan Hall 5307
  • Office Hours: Thursdays 5:00pm-5:45pm, or by appointment
  • Class Location:  Boylan Hall 3139 (subject to change to 3129)
  • Class Meeting Times: Thursday 6:05pm-8:50pm

Course Description:

This introductory course offers various windows into the development of human expression through the arts, spanning prehistory to the 21st century. Using art from diverse cultures and time periods, we will explore the way that art functions within broader societal trends and ideas, both reacting to and influencing major historical moments. Students will become comfortable with speaking and writing about specific art-historical styles, issues and key terms, and be able to approach art in both a formal/visual and historic context. They will also learn how to navigate and explore their own specific interests within the history of art and become aware of resources that will guide them to further complexify their own research and writing.

Course Objectives:

This is a challenging class designed to help you improve your writing and analytical skills. I welcome you to come to speak with me at my office hours about any concerns or problems that come up throughout the semester. We will move quickly through a variety of cultures, time periods and key themes, so reading assignments, class attendance, and active note taking are all integral to success in this course.